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Delavan Historical Society Membership Meeting February 18, 2016 1pm

Delavan Historical Society Annual Meeting January 21, 2016

On Thursday, January 21st, the Delavan Historical Society will host its annual meeting. Elections of Directors will take place during the meeting. We currently have one director’s position open. The program will be held at the Delavan Historical Society’s Exhibit & Resource Center at 663 E Ann St at 1pm.

Delavan’s Heritage Fest to be held June 24 – June 26, 2016

Heritage Fest Click on “Heritage Fest” for event line-up or visit for updates.

Maxwell Street Days/180th Anniversary Celebration, August 13, 2016


Israel Stowell Temperance Tavern Awarded Grant for Feasibility Study

Historical Society,Israel Stowell Temperance House GREAT NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION!!!!!!!! “It is a pleasure to inform you that your organization has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the National Trust Preservation Fund for your Building Usage Feasibility Study for the Israel Stowell Temperance Tavern project. The National Trust is very supportive of this worthwhile preservation initiative and we hope that this financial commitment will assist your organization in raising any additional funds needed for this effort.”

Stowell House to be featured at WCTU national convention

Israel Stowell Temperance House The Israel-Stowell house will be featured in a slideshow at the Womens Christian Temperance Union’s national convention this year. Why is this significant? The WCTU is the oldest organization in the state of Wisconsin, and promotes Temperance, drug free and alcohol free. These are what the Stowell house was built upon. It was a “dry” hotel, meaning no alcohol was allowed. In fact, the entire CITY of Delavan was founded under the premise of a “dry” […]

Stowell House at WCTU a success

Israel Stowell Temperance House The presentation of the Stowell House to the WCTU was a success. The house was shown to the National WCTU convention. Women from most of the 50 states were represented at the four day convention, which kicked off with a visit to Old World Wisconsin. The Stowell House was one of two big features Friday night, including Milwaukee District Attorney. The WCTU audience was in awe over the mention of 33,000 books in the Stowell house. […]

Repairs and Improvements at the ISTH

Israel Stowell Temperance House Repairs and cleanup have been ongoing since takeover of the building. Windows, yard work, roof and foundation repair were some of the considerations. Wood-covered windows were the city’s concern, because of the poor impression on passers-by. A large bay window and another were replaced. Unfortunately, two soon were broken but vigilant neighbors saw it and the boys were apprehended. Hopefully the cost will be reimbursed. Plexiglas replacement is under consideration. Many scrub trees, stumps and undesirable […]

Chesko’s Donation of the Israel Stowell Temperance House

Israel Stowell Temperance House On August 2, 2010 Ed Chesko met with Delavan Historical Society and Save the Israel Stowell Temperance House officers and attorneys Dale Thorpe and Julie Nommenson and signed over the Israel Stowell Temperance House deed to the Delavan Historical Society. Thanks and appreciation go to Mr. Chesko, the attorneys, Fred Walling, Larry Waller and the City of Delavan officials and employees and all those who contributed surveying, title search and other services at no cost.