Mark Your Calendars!!

Mark your calendars for the following DHS upcoming events that are open to the public and are at 7 pm April-September and at 1 pm October-November the Delavan Historical Society’s Exhibit and Resource Center at 663 E Ann St, with the exception of the Tacos and Tequila Fundraiser for the DHS at Hernandez Restaurant.

1. DHS Exhibit & Resource Center Open House–Sat, Apr 14th 10:00 am-2:00  pm.

2. DHS’s Annual Show and Share program–Thurs, Apr 19th 7:00 pm, followed by a short DHS meeting,

3. Tacos and Tequila Fundraiser for the DHS at Hernandez Restaurant–Sun, Apr 22nd 11:00 am-8:00 pm, $12 per ticket.

4. The John Buckles Collection—Thurs, May 24th, John Finley

5. Local Railroad History—Thurs, July 19th, Richard Burnes

6. Presentation on the Tilden Furniture—Thurs, Aug 23rd, Patti Marsicano

7. History of Delavan parks/recreation—Thurs, Sept 20th, Eddie Wichman

8. Lake Lawn Resort History (celebrating 140 years)—Thurs, Oct 18th

9. Delavan’s Spring Grove Cemetery—Thurs, Nov 15th, author Frank Landi

Refreshments will be served at the programs.


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