Historical Society

The program on Delavan’s Vitrified Brick Street has had a time change. The program will begin at 1:30pm NOT 1:00pm our usual starting time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Temperance House Committee to Meet

Israel Stowell Temperance House

The Israel Stowell Temperance House Committee will meet at 9am March 10th at the Community Ban Community Centre. This meeting is open to anyone interested in the preservation of this landmark.

Preserving Your Old Photographs

Historical Society

Preserving Old Photos will be the topic of the Delavan Historical Society’s “hands-on” meeting on Thursday, February 16th at 1pm. The meeting will be at the Community Bank Community Centre, located at 825 E. Geneva Street. This workshop if free of charge and open to the public.

Attendees are asked to bring 4 photos they want to properly preserve.

Refreshments will be served.


Historical Society

Osborn Distributing has generously offered to accept aluminum cans to benefit the Temperance House!

Just take your cans to Osborn Distributing on Mound Road, and when dropping them off – tell them that they are for the Israel Stowell Temperance House (ISTH)! The can donation $$ will go towards the restoration of the ISTH!
They are open Monday – Friday 1pm-4pm and Saturdays 8am – Noon. Please save your cans for us! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!..

Israel Stowell Temperance House Committee to Meet

Israel Stowell Temperance House

Saturday, January 28th, the Israel Stowell Temperance House Committee will meet at 9:00am at the City of Delavan Municipal Building. Everyone is invited to attend.

Delavan Historical Society Programs to be Held at Community Bank Centre

Historical Society

The Delavan Historical Society will now be holding its meetings at the Community Bank Community Centre located at 825 E. Geneva Street. The new meeting location will offer more parking and room accomodations.

The Delavan Historical Society will also be offering their programs during the day at 1pm from October-April and at 7pm from May-September.

All Delavan Historical Society meetings and programs are open to the public.

Daughter’s of the Union Veterans to be Topic of Delavan Historical Society

The Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War (DUVCW) faded into obscurity a few decades ago due to an aging membership, but with a resurgence of patriotic pride and the diligence of Pat Blackmer, this society is getting another beginning.

Ms. Blackmer, herself the descendant of a Union Soldier, will discuss some of the history of the organization and the formation of the newest “tent” which will be located in Walworth County and based out of Delavan. The Delavan Historical Society will share from their collections old Daughter’s of the Union Veterans books including applications available for review.

In order to be eligible to join the DUVCW, you must be able to prove descent from a Union Soldier and furnish their war records. Your application helps to preserve the history of your Civil War ancestor. Find out more on Thursday, January 19th at 1pm at the Delavan Historical Society Exhibit and Resource Center located at 635 E. Wisconsin St. All are welcomed to attend and learn more.

The program will be followed by refreshments and the Delavan Historical Society’s annual meeting and election.

Temperance House Committee to meet Sat. Jan. 14th

The Israel Stowell Temperance House Committee will meet on Saturday, January 14th at 9am at the Municipal Building in the City Council Chambers. Anyone with an interest in the Temperance House and helping the project move forward is invited to attend. Amoung itmes being discussed; Current work on the building, the next steps, and fundraising. Frank Butterfield from the National Trust for Historic Preservation will be a guest speaker.

Stowell House to be featured at WCTU national convention

Israel Stowell Temperance House

The Israel-Stowell house will be featured in a slideshow at the Womens Christian Temperance Union’s national convention this year. Why is this significant? The WCTU is the oldest organization in the state of Wisconsin, and promotes Temperance, drug free and alcohol free. These are what the Stowell house was built upon. It was a “dry” hotel, meaning no alcohol was allowed. In fact, the entire CITY of Delavan was founded under the premise of a “dry” city as well. Members of the WCTU are certain to have stayed at one time or another in the Stowell house. With the recent donation of the house, funds are being raised to restore Delavan’s oldest standing structure. Since the WCTU, City of Delavan, and the Stowell house all stood for the same thing, it’s only fitting that it be on display at the WCTU national convention this year, running from August 9th to the 20th.

Next DHS event

The next monthly event at DHS will be on September 15th and will feature Delavan Questers featuring Robin Staudt. As usual the start time is at 7 PM at the Historical Society.