Open House on Saturday March 19, 2011

Historical Society

On Saturday, March 19th, the Delavan Historical Society will be holding an Open House at the Delavan Historical Society Exhibit & Resource Center located at 635 E. Wisconsin St., in Delavan from Noon – 4pm.

The special Local Organization Exhibits being featured through July are the Delavan lake Improvement Association, The Monday Club, and the Garden Club. These organizations are amoung Delavan’s oldest. Members from each of the organizations will be on hand to share information and talk about their displays.

Wall displays include information on Delavan’s Circus History and interesting information about the early settlement of Delavan.

Publications about Delavan, Delavan t-shirts, and Delavan notecards will be avaialbe for sale and are excellent gift ideas for the hard to buy for Delavan lover in your life.

Refreshments will be served. Please join us.

Attendees will also be able to take a look at our new location and find out about what the Delavan Historical Society Exhibit & Resource Center has to offer our visitors and local community.

Repairs and Improvements at the ISTH

Israel Stowell Temperance House

Repairs and cleanup have been ongoing since takeover of the building. Windows, yard work, roof and foundation repair were some of the considerations.

Wood-covered windows were the city’s concern, because of the poor impression on passers-by. A large bay window and another were replaced. Unfortunately, two soon were broken but vigilant neighbors saw it and the boys were apprehended. Hopefully the cost will be reimbursed. Plexiglas replacement is under consideration.

Many scrub trees, stumps and undesirable growth needed attention. Adam Sandberg of Sunrise Gardens LLC of Darien volunteered to work on the exterior in his spare time and completed a considerable amount of cleanup and promised to continue the work. Many thanks to Adam.

Necessary repairs were needed for roof and foundation. Several holes in the roof and around the building allowed entrance to animals and rain water. Volunteer Brian Bickle helped seal up several openings around the building; Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis took care of roof repair and John Finley set traps, catching a house cat and two raccoons which he humanely returned to the out of doors. A volunteer has offered to do some work on the foundation to seal up the building as soon as weather permits. We greatly appreciate their contributions.

Chesko’s Donation of the Israel Stowell Temperance House

Israel Stowell Temperance House
On August 2, 2010 Ed Chesko met with Delavan Historical Society and Save the Israel Stowell Temperance House officers and attorneys Dale Thorpe and Julie Nommenson and signed over the Israel Stowell Temperance House deed to the Delavan Historical Society. Thanks and appreciation go to Mr. Chesko, the attorneys, Fred Walling, Larry Waller and the City of Delavan officials and employees and all those who contributed surveying, title search and other services at no cost.

Successful Home Tour Fundraiser

Israel Stowell Temperance House

The tours of Ron Markwell’s Allyn Mansion and John Cangelosi’s first Delavan Allyn home on July 10 and 11, 2010, was a great success, thanks to the beautiful homes’ owners and the many volunteers and businesses that helped. The tour raised $3,136 to help save the Israel Stowell Temperance House.

Latest news on the acquisition of the Israel Stowell Temperance House

Historical Society

The latest news on the acquisition of the Israel Stowell Temperance House, located at 61-65 E. Walworth Avenue.

The raze order on the building has been moved to July 15th. A committee of interested citizens throughout the community and beyond have come together to save the building. This committee is functioning as a sub-committee of the historical society.

Ed Chesko, the owner of the building has offered it to the Delavan Historical Society in hopes of the building getting the restoration it desperately deserves.

We have an attorney on-board who has already been making the wheels turn faster than anyone could have imagined. Dale Thorpe, an attorney with Thorpe & Christian SC, has donated his time and expertise. He has also solicited the donations of title services from Chicago Title Company; surveying services from Farris Hansen & Association in Elkhorn; and Larry Thomas – Baxter-Woodman has completed a Phase 1 Environmental Survey.

Currently the books are slowly moving out of the building, and the lawyers are finalizing the contracts. We expect to have ownership of the building the latter part of July.

The first fundraiser is set for July 10th & 11th, when Ron Markwell and John Cangelosi will host an open house of both the Allyn Mansion and A.H. Allyn’s first home in the city of Delavan at 6th & Washington. (Also known as the Phillips/LaBar House)

The Open House will run concurrently from 1pm—5pm both days, and the cost will be $10.

These are two remarkable homes, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see them. Tickets are available at Bradley’s, Piggly Wiggly, and the Delavan Historical Society Exhibit & Resource Center.