Richard Quinney’s visit

For those of you that missed Richard Quinney last night, you missed a great presentation. Quinney talked about his growing up in Delavan, and shared some unique photos that aren’t often seen, such as the one taken in front of the Stowell House where his mother took a photo of his father, while his father took a picture of his mother at the same time. A photo from inside a car driving down Dam Road in Delavan as well, which you rarely if ever saw due to the time it took to take a photo then. He then shared some of his books with us, he had brought a rather large collection, and allowed everyone to take one or two if they wished. Among the books handed out was one about growing up in Delavan. Another was a journal he had kept for a year. “Field Notes” and the newly published “And Then Came the Liberators” about the German occupation of Norway. This book was written by Albert Jaern, translated by Kathleen Stokker, and published by Quinneys Borderland Books. As they would say in the early Delavan papers, “A good time was had by all”.

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