Pioneer Wisconsin Cabinetmaker; Ithiel Tilden, August 23rd, 7pm, Presented by Patti Marsicano

Pioneer Wisconsin Cabinetmaker; Ithiel Tilden

In 1855, Ithiel Tilden loaded a wagon with his family, personal possessions, three wide mahogany boards and a huge piece of rosewood leaving Utica, New York heading for the village of Delavan in Wisconsin.           

A cabinetmaker by trade, Tilden was considered a woodworking artist and his furniture was in high demand. Working with native woods like walnut and cherry, Tilden produced furniture for families who came here with the minimum amount of furniture and couldn’t afford to order pieces from places like Chicago.  The precious wood that he brought from New York was eventually used to make a parlor set for one of Delavan’s most affluent citizens.

Delavan Historical Society President Patti Marsicano will talk about Ithiel Tilden’s life, and share some of the rare Tilden pieces in the historical society’s collection at their upcoming program.

The program is open to the public and will be held on Thursday, August 23rd at 7:00pm at the Delavan Historical Society Exhibit and Resource Center at 663 E. Ann St., Delavan.

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