Repairs and Improvements at the ISTH

Israel Stowell Temperance House

Repairs and cleanup have been ongoing since takeover of the building. Windows, yard work, roof and foundation repair were some of the considerations.

Wood-covered windows were the city’s concern, because of the poor impression on passers-by. A large bay window and another were replaced. Unfortunately, two soon were broken but vigilant neighbors saw it and the boys were apprehended. Hopefully the cost will be reimbursed. Plexiglas replacement is under consideration.

Many scrub trees, stumps and undesirable growth needed attention. Adam Sandberg of Sunrise Gardens LLC of Darien volunteered to work on the exterior in his spare time and completed a considerable amount of cleanup and promised to continue the work. Many thanks to Adam.

Necessary repairs were needed for roof and foundation. Several holes in the roof and around the building allowed entrance to animals and rain water. Volunteer Brian Bickle helped seal up several openings around the building; Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis took care of roof repair and John Finley set traps, catching a house cat and two raccoons which he humanely returned to the out of doors. A volunteer has offered to do some work on the foundation to seal up the building as soon as weather permits. We greatly appreciate their contributions.

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