Stowell House to be featured at WCTU national convention

Israel Stowell Temperance House

The Israel-Stowell house will be featured in a slideshow at the Womens Christian Temperance Union’s national convention this year. Why is this significant? The WCTU is the oldest organization in the state of Wisconsin, and promotes Temperance, drug free and alcohol free. These are what the Stowell house was built upon. It was a “dry” hotel, meaning no alcohol was allowed. In fact, the entire CITY of Delavan was founded under the premise of a “dry” city as well. Members of the WCTU are certain to have stayed at one time or another in the Stowell house. With the recent donation of the house, funds are being raised to restore Delavan’s oldest standing structure. Since the WCTU, City of Delavan, and the Stowell house all stood for the same thing, it’s only fitting that it be on display at the WCTU national convention this year, running from August 9th to the 20th.

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